Location Tips for the Wedding Photographer Cardiff

wedding photographer CardiffThere are many techniques in wedding photography that a wedding photographer Cardiff may use. Being a wedding photographer indeed means you are expected to use your creativity to get the best shots of the moments found in a wedding. There’s no right or wrong in photography, so you could use any photography technique you want as long as it gives you the results you need.

One technique that will be discussed in detail in this article would be to play with angles while taking photos. This will allow you to get various different shots of the same subject being at the same location, with different effects and expressions in each shot. Therefore, you would have many more variations of photos to be included in that wedding photo album.

In this article, you could find several tips on how to take different angles on the same subject with the same source of light. Lighting indeed is a vital element in wedding photography, and any source of light should be used as a basic location for all your shots. Considering that there won’t be many sources of light available in a wedding, being able to capture different shots and angles using only one lighting source would be a very useful skill in wedding photography.

Here are some tips you could try to be able to capture different shots on the same subject and location:

Pick the right source of light

You would surely want to have the best results in every shot you take. That being said, it is important for you to learn about which source of light would give you the best results. In an indoor wedding, you could rely on windows as the natural lighting source. You only need to find the best window in the building which has an adequate amount of lights, thus allowing you to put any subject in front of it and still gets the best shot from each of it. In an outdoor wedding, you would want to look for a spot with adequate exposure to sunlight.

Pick the right subjects to be shot

Now that you have already found your best location for taking pictures, you need to determine the subjects to be shot in that location. As a wedding photographer Cardiff, you could choose to shoot some wedding dresses, pairs of wedding shoes, or some jewels on a table in front of the source of light. You could even ask the bride and the groom to stand in that location as well. You need to remember that different angles will bring different results to the shots, so you would want to try out different angles and poses while taking their shots.

Play with details and lighting

As being mentioned several times in this article, different angles will bring you different results. The same goes with the style of lighting, as you would get different effects when putting the subject facing or against the lighting source.

Those three tips may help any wedding photographer Cardiff to get plenty different shots and results from the same subject and location. In case you need to consult further about this matter, you could go to kateadamsphotography.com.

Why is it a Must to Hire a Greenwich Wedding Photographer

Greenwich wedding photographerMost times we go through life and certain things happen to us. These things might be unexpected but at the same times so precious however, the fact that they occur unexpectedly means that you do not get the chance to have a say in whether or not it gets recorded. At times like this, you only have your memories to remember them by.

But, that is a situation for unexpected moments. Since you have no control over them, it is also expected that storing the memories in whatever form might not be feasible. You just have to find a way to ensure you do not lose track of those memories.

However, in the case of weddings, this is not always the case. Most individuals dream of their wedding years before they are even old enough to have one. Some even taken years to plan a wedding. A lot of dedication, timings and care is put into ensuring that their day turns out they way they want it to.

Weddings are an avenue or the channel by which couples start their new life together. They do so surrounded by loved ones that is friends and families. Most times, it is hard to get these loved ones in a single place altogether but a wedding makes it possible.

So, if you have a wedding coming up soon, the following are reasons why you need a Greenwich wedding photographer present:

Capture memories

How often do you have a large scale event like a wedding? The answer is not so often. Going by the joy and love being shared at a wedding, it is expected that loved ones get to attend and share in these special moments with you. Allowing your wedding day to come and go really is not feasible. You need to ensure that the moments of he day are able to stick with you for a long time coming.

This is where the hiring of a wedding photographer comes in. The wedding photographer ought to be present to ensure that as you go about basking in the joy of your special day, the special memories can be caught on camera. You do not have to worry about not being able to see what some of your guests are up to while you are in front or center stage of there event. The photographer will ensure that the entire span of the censure is covered so you can get the type of images you want.


A lot of couples talk about how years from their wedding day, they still sit down to go through the wedding album. The thought of owning a wedding album can be achieved only if you hire the services of a professional Greenwich wedding photographer. If you have a thinking of contracting it out to anyone who can use a camera, then you might be compromising the state of your wedding images.

Wedding photographers are expert at their crafts because they have the right knowledge and training on how to go about it. The know the best ways to shoot an image, how to edit it and how to compile it in a wedding album for the sake of the wedding couple. This is not something just anyone is privy to.

For more information on the Greenwich wedding photographer, visit Precious Red Photography

What Does a Wedding Photographer Lincoln Have to Deal With?

wedding photographer LincolnWedding photography can bring some unpleasant surprises for an unassuming wedding photographer Lincoln. You are now determined to make the job that mainly captures the most beautiful day ever for other people. But to make sure that it’s all the same for you as well, it’s important to prepare for these few things that happen when you work as a wedding photographer.

Clients with high expectancies

It’s not really uncommon for customers who tend to hope that you will always go further and beyond in providing your service. While that is the motto that many people go with, realistically, you also want to earn from your job. Some clients will try to either make you feel guilty and responsible or straightforward about it from the get-go.

To avoid this, make sure to clearly communicate what you do and what you are willing to provide for your clients from the beginning. It’s vital to remain consistent throughout your years of service, but still be reasonable to help your clients not just as a photographer, but as a fellow decent human being.

Most expensive investment

To begin with, you have to invest in thousands of dollars – some even went beyond $5000 – for your camera and lenses alone. A single kit of Canon Mark III 5d is already $2,800 and it is the standard equipment photographers use. However, you might need to buy additional lenses that work better for you. And you don’t get to choose whether you should get a backup camera – it’s a must.

This doesn’t mean that you cannot work as anything else other than a wedding photographer Lincoln. You can still work to shoot for other things, but wedding photography is one of those fields that use that much equipment. You might not need to have two DSLR cameras for other types of photography or always gear up to shoot for the whole day. Not to mention the software you need to get for editing purposes.

Dark places, always

A lack of light is the evilest situation photographers have to deal with. Unfortunately, you also can’t help it with most of your clients loving the dark and romantic atmosphere of the evening party. Why you can’t just turn on the lights to get your shots and turn them off again!

Which leaves preparing yourself for the most unfavorable situation ever in photography your only choice. You can use flash, secondary lights and other light photography techniques which partly requires the additional purchase of equipment.

A huge number of pictures

More often than not, you will be hired to shoot for a wedding that lasts for at least 8 hours. That means you will be taking more than thousands of pictures! As a wedding photographer, however, you cannot look back and delete unwanted pictures on the go. Because on your camera, you can’t really get a good look at the pictures.

You never know when that picture that you took on a whim would actually end up as the best among the rest. A wedding photographer Lincoln will keep all pictures and start selecting them only when you are about to edit. That’s how you can end up with great pictures like www.symplyphotography.co.uk.

3 Wedding Vendors You Need Including the Wedding Photographer Dublin

wedding photographer DublinA wedding is certainly a unique event for the parties involved. The occasion is very special as it signifies the union of two souls. Some people also regard it as the union between families as the couple are not the only ones being brought together. Friends and family members gather in one location to wish the couple well in all merriment. However, before that special day can take place, a lot of prep and planning must occur and this much is evident on the day of the wedding.

The flowers you see, the food you eat and even the clothes the couple have on are from one source or the other. The final wedding pictures come from the wedding photographer Dublin as well. So, what does this tell you? It means the occurrence of a wedding is not only the effort of the couple alone but of several others as well. Who are these people that help couple achieve the vision of what their special day should look like? They are:

  • Florists

The boutonniere worn by the groom, the bouquet held by the bride, the floral vases at the center of the tables within the reception, the rose petals on the carpet leading to the aisle, the hanging floral decorations on the ceiling etc. All these are from flowers gathered by the wedding florists. If the florists is unable to produce these things for the bride, then they may not be a part of that special day. Floral arrangements are not things anyone can get right especially when you consider the fact that not all flowers are always in season. If you want a particular flower at a particular time of year, then you need a capable florist.

  • Planner

Who do you think helps to bring all the wedding vendors together? Although some couples may argue about the usefulness of a wedding planner, he or she is still one of the vendors that help ensure your dreams are realized. Through consultations, the wedding planner gains a proper understanding of what you envision your wedding to be like. He or she also factors in your budget and tries to pull in resources from the wedding photographer Dublin, to the florist, cake decorator etc.

  • Decorator

Are flowers the only thing you want present at your wedding? What about table decorations, wall hangings, the lighting, positioning of the tables etc… These are things you will definitely need the help of an expert for. Unless you already have the items stacked up somewhere for the number of guests you are expecting.

  • Wedding Photographer

After al has been said and done, who are you going to be counting on to help you capture the memories of your special day? Certainly not your sister who will also be busy running around seeing to guests and ensuring everything goes off without a hitch. Your wedding photographer Dublin https://www.olgahoganphotography.com has to be a professional who understands the importance of this day to you and tries as much as possible to ensure he captures all the memories of it.

Steps to Take Before Hiring a Documentary Wedding Photographer

documentary wedding photographerWeddings are special days in the life of a couple. It is regarded as a celebration of a union between two souls. When coupled with the fact that weddings for an average individual occur at least once in their lifetime, the uniqueness of this activity becomes all the more profound.

When it comes to planning a wedding, a lot of care needs to be exercised to ensure that all elements work fluidly without any issues. From the wedding flowers, wedding location, wedding attire, food etc, all these elements are important. If one thing were to go wrong, it can cause disarray in the wedding plans.

One of the vital elements of a wedding is the documentary wedding photographer. He or she is responsible for capturing the events of the special day. The hope of the couple lies on the photographer to ensure that no single moment goes uncaptured. The eventual pictures the photographer takes is what the couple will cherish for a long time as a memento of their special day.

As such, it is important that special care be exercised when hiring the services of a wedding photographer. Before making the decision to hire, the following must be done by the couple:

  • Reference checks

You are definitely not going to be the first person to hire the services of a photographer. Therefore, before making a conclusive decision to hire, it is important that you ask if the photographer has any references that can attest to the quality of their services. The references should also stand up for the photographer being an individual that can be trusted.

References can be former business partners or previous clients. A way to also check references is by checking feedback or testimonials of previous clients. If the photographer has a website or is listed on a page for service providers, this is something you can easily find.

  • Examination of Portfolio

Most times, all you need to know about a documentary wedding photographer like http://owenbillcliffeweddings.co.uk/ is in their portfolio. The portfolio gives you an idea of the skill set of the photographer, their preferred style, experience an knowledge of photography. You do not need to be an expert to be able to judge the works of a photographer.

All you need is a good eye for detail. If the photographer presents you with a portfolio to look at, make sure you study the pictures and the subjects of the pictures in detail. The expression of the couple in the pictures and the way the pictures were shot can be a great tell.

  • Consultation

Before hiring a photographer, you need to ensure that both of you are on the same page. If you hire a photographer that does not understand your vision for your wedding images or you cannot connect with them, then the person to suffer will be you as you are the one who will end up paying for a service you do not like.

To avoid this, it would be best to have a consultation with the documentary wedding photographer where both of you can interact with each other.

Mistakes You Should Avoid When You Hire a Derby Wedding Photographer

Derby wedding photographerWeddings – special moments, plenty action, long lasting memories. The wedding day of a couple is one that is always welcomed with a certain excitement. The couple are eager to get their life started together. All the wedding preparations are set but, before the wedding day, certain things had to be in place to set up this unique event.

Let’s rewind to a few months before the wedding. So, here the couple is still making certain plans to ensure everything goes smoothly. Then then realize that even if everything is planned to perfection, one important detail is missing and that is hiring the services of a Derby wedding photographer.

One thing couples believe is that their beautiful memories should always be accompanied by beautiful photographs to remember them with. However, they automatically assume that high end photographs will be easy to achiever if they get a skillful photographer. Sure, a skilled photographer knows the best ways to be in out the beauty in special moments. But, the couple has a part to play.

Most couples leave the fate of their photographs entirely in the hands of the photographer forgetting that they too have a part to play in its success. The following are mistakes most couples make:

  • Hiring a cheap photographer

Ever heard the phrase “you get what you paid for”? Well, in the case of a Derby wedding photographer, this is the truth. Wedding photography services cost a certain amount of money. You could find one on the high-end and you can also find one that fits within your budget. However, one thing you should never do is compromise on who your wedding photographer should be just in a bid to save costs. That will have bad repercussions.

To increase your chances of getting quality pictures, you have to be willing to set aside an appropriate budget for it. There are different photographers for different budgets but for the sake of your wedding pictures, think carefully before hiring just any photographer.

  • Leaving everything to the photographer

Is the photographer a professional? Yes! Is the photographer a mind reader? No! One mistake couples make is assuming the photographer already knows what they want which is wrong! The best photographers will definitely tell you that you need to give them a defined scope of your ideal wedding album. Then they make necessary preparations to do so.

However, there are still couples who fail to cooperate with the photographer in this regard. They assume that as a professional they photographer should already be able to tell what they want. Can the photographer tell simply by looking at you that you like fish? Of course not, unless you explicitly say so or showcase it, the photographer won’t know if you prefer candid wedding photography to fine art wedding photography.

  • Ignoring the photographer

One thing you never want to do is overlook the instructions your wedding photographer gives you. If you are shooting posed photographs, the photographer knows the best way light works and if your angle is better in a certain position. So, if the Derby Wedding Photographer http://www.aaronrussellphotography.co.uk/ advises you to bend your knees or change the position of your chin, it would be in your beat interests to do so.

Why You Shоuld Hіrе a Prоfеѕѕіоnаl Northern Ireland Wedding Photographer

Northern Ireland wedding photographerWhen someone asks why the services of a professional Northern Ireland wedding photographer should be preferred than that of a family friend or someone curious in wedding photography, it is really baffling. It is like asking why you need a surgeon to conduct operations when a chef can also hold a knife. There is a reason why certain professions have specific training as not everyone can do it. The same thing applies to the wedding photographer as the skill and expertise that goes into delivering outstanding shots of a wedding cannot be replicated by an amateur.

If you find that you need more convincing, then read below:

  • Good coverage

A lot of things can go down at the same time in a wedding. You are busy enjoying your special day with your loved ones and you might be expecting that at the end of the wedding, the pictures taken should not only highlight you and your partner but also record the other interesting events that occurred when you were enjoying your day. This is where the services of the professional come in.

Of course, the wedding photographer will be hardpressed to monitor you and your partner and record the little moments, but they also keep an eye out on your guests to ensure they also get those moments you cannot view.

  • Quick-fire responses

From the walk down the aisle to the exchange of vows and saying of “I dos” the Northern Ireland wedding photographer sure has a lot on his or her plate to cover. However, these are not the only moments that are revered. A simple brush of the fingers on your partners sleeve, the toss of the bouquet or exchange of intimate moments over the course of the wedding are also important.

These moments are something the amateur photographer is liable to miss as they are not tuned to watch out for them. On the other hand, your professional wedding photographer www.micheallove.co will not miss it.

  • Wedding photography styles

Are you aware of the fact that there exist different styles of wedding photography? These different photography styles require the photographer to shoot the scenes of the wedding in ways that fit the couples’ concept of what they want their final pictures to look like. Unfortunately, the amateur wedding photographer like your brother may not be aware of this.

So, where does this leave you? With pictures that have no particular sense of unity or direction to them. Pictures that also could have used an expert hand in turning them into classic masterpieces that you awe over from years to come. Different photography styles such as fine art, documentary and reportage among others cannot be done by just anybody.

  • Flexibility

Another thing of note about professional wedding photographers is that they know the best way to respond to unprecedented situations. Bad lighting in a certain location of the wedding is not going to prevent the Northern Ireland wedding photographer from getting that beautiful shot of you and your partner under the awning as a matter of fact it may be a challenge for him to get it right.

Two Abstract Things Before You Choose A Documentary Wedding Photographer

documentary wedding photographerYou might know of the different wedding photography styles, or you might not. Even if you did, you might never have thought of how these different styles can affect your wedding pictures. Not in a bad way, but in “diverse good ways”.

If there is one thing that makes wedding photography so intriguing and exciting, it is because of the limitless approach to taking the same routine pictures. For instance, a picture of the bride and her father leading her to the altar, taken by a fine art wedding photographer will be quite different from the way a documentary wedding photographer will portray that same picture.

So, when choosing a professional wedding photographer, it is advised to know the style you are getting. Asking the photographer what style they prefer or use, as well as seeing pictures of wedding events he or she has covered in the past will give you a clear understanding of what he or she does.

Whichever way, documentary/photojournalistic/reportage wedding photography is one that particularly stands out. Pictures taken are not posed or rehearsed, and spontaneous too. The photographer takes pictures without restriction and makes sure he or she follows the events closely. The other fascinating thing about this form of wedding photography is that it is the best at telling the “truest” story of the event.

But you cannot choose an amateur documentary wedding photographer as it requires a bit of experience and “eyes”. So, before you choose such a wedding photographer, …

  • …Know What You Want

Making decisions is probably the most difficult thing many people will ever face – give them a task and clear-cut directions, and they will excel. It is usually difficult to know what we want as humans and with so many “varieties” out there, it does not get easier.

You should know what you want from your wedding photographer. you should also know what you want to see in your albums. Browse through websites, look at friend’s albums, do what you need to do to properly feed your decision-making, but make sure you know exactly what you want.

For instance, https://www.catherinepound.com/galleries/weddings/ is a documentary wedding photographer, and one of the best in the field. If you choose her, then that is what you want, and that is what you are getting. If you want a reportage wedding shoot, then don’t choose a traditional wedding photographer for your wedding and vice versa.

  • …Watch Out for Communication and Personality

Business experts and moguls nowadays emphasize the role of communication in any business, transaction and even in everyday life. These days, effective communication is the soul of a good business deal.

The moment the photographer on your list does not listen or communicate well, cross him off. Communication isn’t by how fluent he is, but by how well you both understand each other.

“Communication works better by the client asking questions, and questions are better asked when you know what you want.”

Is he or she confident, humorous and relaxed? You won’t be there, but the wedding photographer you choose WILL be everywhere, interacting with your guests, family and relatives. It is important to see your documentary wedding photographer as one of your representatives, and you have to choose the best representative for the job.

Why You Need to Plan for a Newborn Photography Session

newborn photography Calgary There are people who think that paying hundreds of dollars just to have some pictures of their newborn babies taken is too expensive. Our smartphones have the same capability, so why book a professional newborn photography Calgary.

We will help you understand how professionals do it differently and why you won’t regret it.

Official pictures

You can take a lot of pictures of your newborn babies and may even have a video of the labor process. But the pictures that you put up on your coffee tables and hang on top of your bedrooms are your official wedding and family pictures. The same goes with the fact that you most probably won’t print and frame newborn pictures that are not well-taken. Or we’d like to call them ‘unofficial’.

A formal session of having the pictures taken by a pro will definitely result in some very good pictures of the babies. With the right lighting composition, professionally arranged background and well-posed babies, no one will hate the results!

They know how to make babies look good

Babies are cute the way they are. But professional photographers know how to make them look the cutest and best. They deal with a lot of babies and those pictures that you like to look at are also done by professionals. Your smartphone allows you to capture moments from time to time. But your photographer knows how to pose the baby carefully and mold them into something adorable.

Not just how to make them look good, the next one is just as important as this.

They know the safest way

A lot of couples with zero parenting experience thought that posing babies aren’t hard. Especially newborn babies because they are very still and quiet like the newborn photography Calgary pictures by dulcebabyphotography.com.

They don’t know how serious not knowing the safety procedures in posing newborn babies. You cannot just copy those pictures you saw without the help of someone else! Newborn babies are fragile and sensitive. This first phase of their life has to be filled with warmth, nutrition, and protection. They are best wrapped like how they used to be in the uterus.

You might have seen some pictures of babies posing like adults and let us inform you that those pictures cannot be done without some editing. Adults have to hold the head up and prevent it from being supported by the hands that are yet strong.

You don’t want to regret it

Ultimately, you don’t want to regret letting this beautiful and precious moment just go by like that. The chance to keep this very magical moment eternal is so short and you need to plan it early! You cannot wait till you have your baby to actually consider having the pictures taken. Unless you find a photographer that is free at the time, you already the small window of time.

Searching for a professional newborn photography Calgary service is also a process that takes time. That is why looking for one when you are pregnant for a few months is the best. Your photographer will also explain to you the process and what you should prepare in advance.

Why a Wedding Photographer Has to Be Insured?

wedding photographers HampshireThere are several reasons an insured photographer is always a better choice no matter the other factors that he has. Wedding photographers Hampshire who think of their job as important will do everything they can to get a good insurance to protect their gears and equipment.

For couples

The people who are planning their wedding don’t have much time to consider everything about a wedding photographer. They need to make their moves fast if they are to secure a photographer right now. On the other hand, they never thought about how an insured photographer is a must because a lot of guides leave this tip alone.

An insured photographer can protect you, his client, in several cases. Things like damages to the properties of the venue can cause problems that will make your wedding day less enjoyable. Insured photographers are also people who are more serious about their job. Think about it.

Insurance can cost up to a few hundred dollars a year. It can go more and more depending on how many insurances they are getting. But it also shows that your photographer is ready to make the extra investment to be extra safe about it. No one can become immune to possible accidents and losses in the future but being safe shows that they are planning to take this job seriously.

Your venue owner also probably requires your photographer to show his proof of insurance. Even the owner knows what is important, won’t it do you better to also follow the same steps?

For photographers

One of the best wedding photographers Hampshire with a long experience is www.mooreandmoorephotography.co.uk. What do you think to make a photographer last long in his career? Is it talent? Skills? Or perhaps the ability to build a bigger business from it?

One thing for sure is that a single incident can swipe you off your road to success if you didn’t prepare for it. The damages, loss, and penalties for accidents that you never meant to do can cost you so much you may experience a permanent setback. Yet, the investment in insurance is never too expensive to protect yourself.

You can never be sure that you are always careful not to lose your cameras. You can also never be sure that no natural disaster will ever damage your studio so bad that you can’t operate for a few months. But you can be sure that if anything happens, your insurance company can help you cover the damages and help you get back up to your feet.

There are various types of insurances and they can protect your gears, legal fees to penalties and compensation you have to pay to your client or other people who are involved. It also makes the process easier if you have insurance because you don’t have to involve your client at all and the party can continue as for how it should be.

The cost of paying your annual premium can never sum up to the amount you might have to pay when someone slanders your name. Wedding photographers Hampshire should always remember to never look down on the importance of insurance.

Hire a Professional and Never Be Disappointed!

wedding videographer HampshireThere are a lot of wedding videos stories that ended in cries and regrets. Well, yours don’t have to end up like that and honestly, one way to prevent is pretty simple!

Hiring a professional wedding videographer Hampshire can prove to be really worth it. Let’s look as we compare to the various videographers that exist out there.

The cheap and affordable ones

These people will always try to tell you that you’ll save a bunch with them and you’ll still get much less the same wedding video you’ve always wanted. This is assuming that all you need is a video of your wedding as the content. It has no beauty or proper editing in it, simply a bunch of clips joints together with a background music.

You pay what you get and that applies to wedding videos. If you’re really looking for someone serious about it, that person would also want to be paid in equal value. So, if the person tells you he’s cheap, you know you’ll be getting a cheap result as well.

The all-knowing one

And then there are those who act like they know everything. Within this bunch, there are people who are rather experienced with what they do, but there are also who simply don’t have the time to spare to talk long with you.

Either way, they are both bad companies to keep. You want a videographer that will produce a video as for how you wish him to. Although there’s also a necessity for you to conform to his style, one can modify it based on how the person who’ll receive it like.

For example, you can check out a wedding videographer Hampshire from www.pedroportela.co.uk. The various videos don’t look similar as if there’s a template. But they can differ from one another based on how the wedding went and of course, how the couples like it to be.

The one-stop-for-all

And then there are people who think that video editing for all kind of events and use as the same. Just as long as that’s what an employer need. Well, will you want your wedding video to just be shoved away like every other video?

Each wedding video is unique, different and full of meanings. The couple hired you in hope to get a documentation of this special day. They’ll be playing it over and over again. Everything they will remember about the wedding might even stem from whatever was recorded in the video.

Someone that does everything won’t be able to think different when they’re assigned to shoot for wedding videos. It’s a mix of documentation, drama, and reality show. The videographer has to be able to shoot things like a reporter, but also know when to take a dramatic angle.

The guy that never did it

The worst one yet would be the guy that never did wedding videos before. You don’t know what to expect and in an event such as this, you want to be able to at least be 90% sure that your vendors will do as told. If your wedding videographer Hampshire turns out to be someone who’s never worked on wedding videos before, don’t sign the contract.

How Parents Prepare for Newborn Photography

newborn photographyIt’s an exciting moment to be alive! Newborn photography has been gaining more and more popularity as more parents ask for their few days old babies to have some memorable pictures taken of. It’s not hard to get some awesome and inspiring pictures of your own child anymore these days.

What, however, do parents need to do to prepare for it? You can’t just snatch up a photographer and hope that you’ll get some decent pictures. The process can also be complicated with gambling on your due date.

Second trimester

During your second trimester, you should begin looking for a newborn photographer. This is the most comfortable time for you to move around and do some research as signs of pregnancy is lessening. It’s also a time where most photographers are still available.

Online portfolios

The Internet is the easiest place to begin your search. This is the most suitable place for those who have no recommendations for the newborn photographer to start with. You can look through indexes and visit their sites. Newborn photographers usually put up some of their best portfolios and you can assess their style and see if you like them or not.

Once you see several ones that caught your eye, contact them to see if they’ll be available around your due date. You can that eliminate down to the ones that you like and will be available.

Assess professionalism

Some photographers do newborn photography as a side job, while others, like suekennedy.co.uk, do it as their main line of photography profession. What are the differences here?

Putting it as their main line means that they are completely focused on keeping their skills up to take the best newborn pictures. They will also remain updated on the newest terms, ethics, props and poses on newborn sessions. These aren’t things that people who do it as a side thing can quickly catch up with.

Also, there’s the difference in professionalism to the thing on. Portrait photography is very closely related and can still be considered to support one’s professionalism in newborn sessions.

Flexibility of schedules

You also need a photographer that is flexible enough to let you decide the date of the photography once you’ve delivered. Countdown to your due date isn’t always exactly accurate; doctors can only make predictions. So, your photographer should be giving you at least 5-10 days of flexibility around the promised date of the session.

It doesn’t end here. Days after labor is usually tiring for the mother as she has to adjust and care for the baby. It’s very new. In the case that the session went on longer than expected (like 4 hours long!), you may want to ask your photographer to see if it’s possible to continue next time. This kind of service is usually provided by especially expensive and professional photographers.

Be ready for the hassle

Like shown before, sessions can last 4 hours not because the photographer isn’t competent, but it can wildly depend on how your newborn baby will fare. It’s not a great idea to blame your photographer because you also have a role to play. And that is, to feed the baby so it can calm down.

Such are the preparations that parents should make for newborn photography.