wedding photographer CardiffThere are many techniques in wedding photography that a wedding photographer Cardiff may use. Being a wedding photographer indeed means you are expected to use your creativity to get the best shots of the moments found in a wedding. There’s no right or wrong in photography, so you could use any photography technique you want as long as it gives you the results you need.

One technique that will be discussed in detail in this article would be to play with angles while taking photos. This will allow you to get various different shots of the same subject being at the same location, with different effects and expressions in each shot. Therefore, you would have many more variations of photos to be included in that wedding photo album.

In this article, you could find several tips on how to take different angles on the same subject with the same source of light. Lighting indeed is a vital element in wedding photography, and any source of light should be used as a basic location for all your shots. Considering that there won’t be many sources of light available in a wedding, being able to capture different shots and angles using only one lighting source would be a very useful skill in wedding photography.

Here are some tips you could try to be able to capture different shots on the same subject and location:

Pick the right source of light

You would surely want to have the best results in every shot you take. That being said, it is important for you to learn about which source of light would give you the best results. In an indoor wedding, you could rely on windows as the natural lighting source. You only need to find the best window in the building which has an adequate amount of lights, thus allowing you to put any subject in front of it and still gets the best shot from each of it. In an outdoor wedding, you would want to look for a spot with adequate exposure to sunlight.

Pick the right subjects to be shot

Now that you have already found your best location for taking pictures, you need to determine the subjects to be shot in that location. As a wedding photographer Cardiff, you could choose to shoot some wedding dresses, pairs of wedding shoes, or some jewels on a table in front of the source of light. You could even ask the bride and the groom to stand in that location as well. You need to remember that different angles will bring different results to the shots, so you would want to try out different angles and poses while taking their shots.

Play with details and lighting

As being mentioned several times in this article, different angles will bring you different results. The same goes with the style of lighting, as you would get different effects when putting the subject facing or against the lighting source.

Those three tips may help any wedding photographer Cardiff to get plenty different shots and results from the same subject and location. In case you need to consult further about this matter, you could go to