wedding photographer DublinA wedding is certainly a unique event for the parties involved. The occasion is very special as it signifies the union of two souls. Some people also regard it as the union between families as the couple are not the only ones being brought together. Friends and family members gather in one location to wish the couple well in all merriment. However, before that special day can take place, a lot of prep and planning must occur and this much is evident on the day of the wedding.

The flowers you see, the food you eat and even the clothes the couple have on are from one source or the other. The final wedding pictures come from the wedding photographer Dublin as well. So, what does this tell you? It means the occurrence of a wedding is not only the effort of the couple alone but of several others as well. Who are these people that help couple achieve the vision of what their special day should look like? They are:

  • Florists

The boutonniere worn by the groom, the bouquet held by the bride, the floral vases at the center of the tables within the reception, the rose petals on the carpet leading to the aisle, the hanging floral decorations on the ceiling etc. All these are from flowers gathered by the wedding florists. If the florists is unable to produce these things for the bride, then they may not be a part of that special day. Floral arrangements are not things anyone can get right especially when you consider the fact that not all flowers are always in season. If you want a particular flower at a particular time of year, then you need a capable florist.

  • Planner

Who do you think helps to bring all the wedding vendors together? Although some couples may argue about the usefulness of a wedding planner, he or she is still one of the vendors that help ensure your dreams are realized. Through consultations, the wedding planner gains a proper understanding of what you envision your wedding to be like. He or she also factors in your budget and tries to pull in resources from the wedding photographer Dublin, to the florist, cake decorator etc.

  • Decorator

Are flowers the only thing you want present at your wedding? What about table decorations, wall hangings, the lighting, positioning of the tables etc… These are things you will definitely need the help of an expert for. Unless you already have the items stacked up somewhere for the number of guests you are expecting.

  • Wedding Photographer

After al has been said and done, who are you going to be counting on to help you capture the memories of your special day? Certainly not your sister who will also be busy running around seeing to guests and ensuring everything goes off without a hitch. Your wedding photographer Dublin has to be a professional who understands the importance of this day to you and tries as much as possible to ensure he captures all the memories of it.