Jacksonville Family PhotographerIn the highly emotional field of family photography, potential clients want to see a few things before hiring you for the annual family shoot or the family portrait. Family portraits means a lot. Families want to see photographers that are able to capture the bond and togetherness they have.

The thing is, taking family portraits is an investment the family wants to venture in wisely. It is an investment that gets better with time. The kids grow, new members are welcome into the family, the house gets renovated and these events are captured in family albums. You will definitely see all these dramatic changes taken across 10, 20 years. Families highly treasure these memories and timeline. So, don’t be offended when family members are picky and bent in details when choosing who to take the next family photos and portraits.

Whether you are new to this field as a Jacksonville family photographer or you already have lots of experience, I have compiled a few things families look out for.


While having tonnes of experience is good, I believe that portraying yourself as a professional is better and usually more important. If for example, you are just starting out as a family photographer, you are not expected to learn all the things you need in a day or cook them up from nowhere. My point is that experience is all about time, exposure and practice. So, you want to appear professional while gathering all the experiences you need.

To start with, get an attractive website to display your portfolio, even if just a few photos of the next-door family is all you have. Try getting a business/contact card to back it up. With time, you can get experience. but for now, you can a lot by portraying yourself as a professional.

A photographer in control

If there is one thing in taking family photos, it is that everyone, especially the older members want to be in control. Your job Is to make the family look good. You are the expert and you cannot do that without being in charge. Listen and have an open mind – be open to suggestion – but up to a point. You want to be seen coordinating the outfit: ask them to carefully choose what to wear. You can tell them to send you pictures of what they intend to put on and choose for them. Neutral colours are good and the clothes don’t have to match. They should avoid clothes with words on them, except they intentionally designed them, everyone is putting them on and the words tell a unifying story.

Creativity and fun

Families want a Jacksonville family photographer who can make them have fun too. Everybody likes a creative photographer. Taking pictures can wear people out. To avoid that, you want to show the fun side of the family, especially when it’s a young family. Tell them to play together while you snap. You can move them into a room, have them start a pillow fight and start taking pictures. If you run out of idea

If the family has an old photograph that has everyone in it, you can arrange them in the same manner in the picture. Arrange them in order of height or age. It is a fantastic concept when they see how much they have grown over the years while looking at both pictures and that is something we love to portray at Christy Whitehead Photography.