Derby wedding photographerWeddings – special moments, plenty action, long lasting memories. The wedding day of a couple is one that is always welcomed with a certain excitement. The couple are eager to get their life started together. All the wedding preparations are set but, before the wedding day, certain things had to be in place to set up this unique event.

Let’s rewind to a few months before the wedding. So, here the couple is still making certain plans to ensure everything goes smoothly. Then then realize that even if everything is planned to perfection, one important detail is missing and that is hiring the services of a Derby wedding photographer.

One thing couples believe is that their beautiful memories should always be accompanied by beautiful photographs to remember them with. However, they automatically assume that high end photographs will be easy to achiever if they get a skillful photographer. Sure, a skilled photographer knows the best ways to be in out the beauty in special moments. But, the couple has a part to play.

Most couples leave the fate of their photographs entirely in the hands of the photographer forgetting that they too have a part to play in its success. The following are mistakes most couples make:

  • Hiring a cheap photographer

Ever heard the phrase “you get what you paid for”? Well, in the case of a Derby wedding photographer, this is the truth. Wedding photography services cost a certain amount of money. You could find one on the high-end and you can also find one that fits within your budget. However, one thing you should never do is compromise on who your wedding photographer should be just in a bid to save costs. That will have bad repercussions.

To increase your chances of getting quality pictures, you have to be willing to set aside an appropriate budget for it. There are different photographers for different budgets but for the sake of your wedding pictures, think carefully before hiring just any photographer.

  • Leaving everything to the photographer

Is the photographer a professional? Yes! Is the photographer a mind reader? No! One mistake couples make is assuming the photographer already knows what they want which is wrong! The best photographers will definitely tell you that you need to give them a defined scope of your ideal wedding album. Then they make necessary preparations to do so.

However, there are still couples who fail to cooperate with the photographer in this regard. They assume that as a professional they photographer should already be able to tell what they want. Can the photographer tell simply by looking at you that you like fish? Of course not, unless you explicitly say so or showcase it, the photographer won’t know if you prefer candid wedding photography to fine art wedding photography.

  • Ignoring the photographer

One thing you never want to do is overlook the instructions your wedding photographer gives you. If you are shooting posed photographs, the photographer knows the best way light works and if your angle is better in a certain position. So, if the Derby Wedding Photographer advises you to bend your knees or change the position of your chin, it would be in your beat interests to do so.