newborn photography Calgary There are people who think that paying hundreds of dollars just to have some pictures of their newborn babies taken is too expensive. Our smartphones have the same capability, so why book a professional newborn photography Calgary.

We will help you understand how professionals do it differently and why you won’t regret it.

Official pictures

You can take a lot of pictures of your newborn babies and may even have a video of the labor process. But the pictures that you put up on your coffee tables and hang on top of your bedrooms are your official wedding and family pictures. The same goes with the fact that you most probably won’t print and frame newborn pictures that are not well-taken. Or we’d like to call them ‘unofficial’.

A formal session of having the pictures taken by a pro will definitely result in some very good pictures of the babies. With the right lighting composition, professionally arranged background and well-posed babies, no one will hate the results!

They know how to make babies look good

Babies are cute the way they are. But professional photographers know how to make them look the cutest and best. They deal with a lot of babies and those pictures that you like to look at are also done by professionals. Your smartphone allows you to capture moments from time to time. But your photographer knows how to pose the baby carefully and mold them into something adorable.

Not just how to make them look good, the next one is just as important as this.

They know the safest way

A lot of couples with zero parenting experience thought that posing babies aren’t hard. Especially newborn babies because they are very still and quiet like the newborn photography Calgary pictures by

They don’t know how serious not knowing the safety procedures in posing newborn babies. You cannot just copy those pictures you saw without the help of someone else! Newborn babies are fragile and sensitive. This first phase of their life has to be filled with warmth, nutrition, and protection. They are best wrapped like how they used to be in the uterus.

You might have seen some pictures of babies posing like adults and let us inform you that those pictures cannot be done without some editing. Adults have to hold the head up and prevent it from being supported by the hands that are yet strong.

You don’t want to regret it

Ultimately, you don’t want to regret letting this beautiful and precious moment just go by like that. The chance to keep this very magical moment eternal is so short and you need to plan it early! You cannot wait till you have your baby to actually consider having the pictures taken. Unless you find a photographer that is free at the time, you already the small window of time.

Searching for a professional newborn photography Calgary service is also a process that takes time. That is why looking for one when you are pregnant for a few months is the best. Your photographer will also explain to you the process and what you should prepare in advance.