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Best Way to Choose a Commercial Photographer

Always instill the importance of your sign offs during a commercial photo shoot.

commercial photographyAs a client for a commercial photo shoot, you need to be around all of the time. Your presence will make all of the difference in the world for as far as the success of the photo shoot is concerned so make sure that this is something that you get to plan out or take into account as much as possible the entire time that you are planning to work things out. If you are there, it will actually benefit both sides, not just you.

On the side of the photographer, he gets to make sure that everything that he ends up doing will turn out to be what you would like to go ahead and do in the first place. There will be no repeats or no disappointing requests for reshoots, saving time and precious resources somewhere along the way. At the same time, on your side as a client, you get to make sure that your timelines are actually met accordingly because you don’t have to repeat anything somewhere along the way. Sign offs are important so that both sides are kept happy all of the time as much as possible. You need to take this into account all the time all throughout the duration of the commercial photography shoot or agreement.

Make sure that the pricing is competitive although it will always turn out to be on the higher end of the scale.

After all, you only get what you pay for. If you would like to make sure that you get high quality service, then you need to make sure that you actually cough up the money or the cash for it at the end of the day. However, this doesn’t mean that a commercial photographer could just pretty much do anything for as far as naming prices is concerned. In order for the agreement to be fair, the price should still turn out to be more or less in line with how the rest of the other commercial photographers in the industry are pricing their services as well at the end of the day.

This way, you get everything that you would like to get as a client while at the same time; the commercial photographer gets to make a decent living out of his specialty or out of his craft. Be fair and don’t haggle too much to the point wherein you are already being disrespectful to the photographer that you are dealing with. Consider the fact that they have overhead costs and investments that they need to go ahead and earn back as well one way or the other.

Get a contract to help secure the agreement all the time.

If it isn’t documented, anyone can claim that it didn’t happen. Make sure that you get to deal with reputable wedding photographers all the time. Looking for a commercial photographer? Check out this commercial photographer’s work if you would like to get topnotch service and quality all the time.

Commercial Photography Know-how’s

What commercial photography is not

commercial photographyAlthough commercial photography sounds like something that is high up there, it is actually a more general and looser term used for all types of paid photography, even if it is on the smaller side of the spectrum. Most people are usually under the impression that commercial photography is specialized and refers to those pictures that you see in magazines and print ads. That is not what commercial photography is all about.

As a matter of fact, if you have been practicing as a paid photographer for quite some time now, no matter what niche you may currently be in, you are already a paid and contributing member of the commercial photography industry. Anything and everything that is paid or any professional photography services that are being given out in exchange for money or for a certain fee categorizes as commercial photography in the basic and general term.

Unless you are an amateur who is just in the throes of doing things for fun and working on side projects that don’t really earn you any money, then it is very likely that you are already within the circles of commercial photography without you even knowing about it.

Always get things down on a contract.

Another commercial photography advice is that you need to keep in mind that being in commercial photography is already akin to being in the big leagues. You are dealing with money and with real and actual risks and responsibilities here.  You will not be able to pull things off the right way if you don’t have a contract to legitimize you and to protect you as well. Technically speaking, a commercial photography contract is something that works both ways. It holds both parties, the clients and the commercial photographer, to what they have promised to do and to deliver by the end of the agreement. This is something that you should constantly be looking out for at the end of the day. Get in touch with a contract lawyer to help get you started and to make sure that you are able to do everything by the book and according to the requirements of the law.

Mark out the start and end times.

You need to be very specific about the time that you are starting and ending your services in commercial photography. This needs to be stated on paper and repeated time and time again just so that there are no misunderstandings in between. You need to be very strict about this so that you don’t end up being abused by your clients during the entire time that you are providing commercial photography services for them. Start during the time that you are required to and end right on time as well. Anything else more than that should come with a corresponding charge or add on.

Get the deliverables listed down in advance before closing a commercial photography agreement.

This is one misunderstanding that you would not want to be in at all. Make it a point to get things listed down as much as possible.