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How Parents Prepare for Newborn Photography

newborn photographyIt’s an exciting moment to be alive! Newborn photography has been gaining more and more popularity as more parents ask for their few days old babies to have some memorable pictures taken of. It’s not hard to get some awesome and inspiring pictures of your own child anymore these days.

What, however, do parents need to do to prepare for it? You can’t just snatch up a photographer and hope that you’ll get some decent pictures. The process can also be complicated with gambling on your due date.

Second trimester

During your second trimester, you should begin looking for a newborn photographer. This is the most comfortable time for you to move around and do some research as signs of pregnancy is lessening. It’s also a time where most photographers are still available.

Online portfolios

The Internet is the easiest place to begin your search. This is the most suitable place for those who have no recommendations for the newborn photographer to start with. You can look through indexes and visit their sites. Newborn photographers usually put up some of their best portfolios and you can assess their style and see if you like them or not.

Once you see several ones that caught your eye, contact them to see if they’ll be available around your due date. You can that eliminate down to the ones that you like and will be available.

Assess professionalism

Some photographers do newborn photography as a side job, while others, like suekennedy.co.uk, do it as their main line of photography profession. What are the differences here?

Putting it as their main line means that they are completely focused on keeping their skills up to take the best newborn pictures. They will also remain updated on the newest terms, ethics, props and poses on newborn sessions. These aren’t things that people who do it as a side thing can quickly catch up with.

Also, there’s the difference in professionalism to the thing on. Portrait photography is very closely related and can still be considered to support one’s professionalism in newborn sessions.

Flexibility of schedules

You also need a photographer that is flexible enough to let you decide the date of the photography once you’ve delivered. Countdown to your due date isn’t always exactly accurate; doctors can only make predictions. So, your photographer should be giving you at least 5-10 days of flexibility around the promised date of the session.

It doesn’t end here. Days after labor is usually tiring for the mother as she has to adjust and care for the baby. It’s very new. In the case that the session went on longer than expected (like 4 hours long!), you may want to ask your photographer to see if it’s possible to continue next time. This kind of service is usually provided by especially expensive and professional photographers.

Be ready for the hassle

Like shown before, sessions can last 4 hours not because the photographer isn’t competent, but it can wildly depend on how your newborn baby will fare. It’s not a great idea to blame your photographer because you also have a role to play. And that is, to feed the baby so it can calm down.

Such are the preparations that parents should make for newborn photography.

How Newborn Baby Photography Albums Can Be Created


newborn baby photographyOne thing most expecting parents do not know is that newborn baby photography does not only happen when the child has been born into the world. It can happen as soon as the parents discover that they are expecting a little one. You can even take it to be the documentation of the process of the pregnancy until the little one is in the world and ready to be the star of the parade.

Yes, newborn baby photography starts as early as this stage. How is that possible? When the newborn parents go to the doctor’s for the monthly checkup, one thing the doctor does is to perform an ultrasound of the baby in the womb. The doctor captures the image of the fetus and hands it over to the parents to keep in their records. From here, the parents can start building the tempo or album for their newborn baby photography album.

For most pregnancies, a period of 9 months should be given before the baby is eventually born for the world to see. When the baby is just a few days old, the parents can contract the expert services of a professional photographer to capture their little one when they are still in such a state. The images can be taken over a period of time to chronicle the growth of the newborn. As long as the pictures are shot within the first few weeks of birth, then the newborn state will always reflect.

Now it is important to note that for it to be considered newborn photography, the child must not be more than 2 months old. Because once the reach that mark, they are already too old to be considered newborns. If you want to have a proper record of your child in their first stage of life, then it is advised you get the photographs done early. Also, most parents are not ready to expose their little one to the elements of the environment and would love to keep them as sheltered as possible, it is therefore not surprising to find that they would prefer to have the photographs taken within the comfort of their home.


Capturing the image of the newborn within their home has its merits because for one, the newborn does not have to get shocked by a new environment like the studio. The parents would have already gotten into a comfortable routine with the newborn and will be able to schedule a suitable time frame to have the pictures taken within the home. However, one thing that all parties to the newborn baby photography need to have is patience in folds. Why?


Patience they say is a virtue and this is virtue you will need in droves when trying to accommodate a little one who does not care that you are on a schedule or you just want to take a picture of their little face. The newborn is not a stage where he or she can understand this and can only see someone interfering with their nap or meal. You therefore need to understand the psyche of a newborn and formulate ways to deal with them.