this essex wedding photographerAs an Essex wedding photographer, you are going to need a contract regardless of what kind of setup you might have. Even if you are dealing with close friends or even with relatives or even if you are taking on a wedding photography deal on a purely pro bono basis, you still need a contract somewhere along the way. A contract is an extra bit of protection that you can get for yourself and for your business.

Shooting weddings is extremely tricky business.

One thing falling precariously out of place can easily result to an onslaught of events that might mess everything up for you somewhere down the line and this is what you need to prepare yourself for as much as you possibly can. You cannot allow yourself to depend on chance and on good faith during times like these. Above everything else, what you need to be looking into is the sustainability of your business and this is something that you will only be able to achieve if you actually do something about it ahead of time. A contract is a necessity no matter where and how you look at it.


Get a lawyer to assist you. Contract law is complicated. It is so complicated that even regular lawyers who do not specialize on contract law can at times even have weak spots when it comes to handing with this. Make sure that you are able to go ahead and recruit nothing but the best help that you can find for as far as contract writing is concerned. You need to make sure that at the end of the day, you get to consult with a verified expert who will not only proofread the contract for you, but who will at the same time walk you through on what you need to go ahead and check out at the end of the day. Although you can attempt to do this by yourself at first, you need to consider that as the rough draft. Have the contract lawyer sign off on what you need to pass off to your clients as the final contract.

Hours of work

Be particular about the hours of work you are putting in like this Essex wedding photographer. This is something that needs to be stated clearly and explicitly on the contract. The clients need to know full and well that you start a certain time and that you end a certain time. Any requests anywhere before of after that time block will already warrant an additional charge. Do not be embarrassed about writing this down and including this in the contract. It beats having to fight through an argument with the client by the end of the shoot. It is always better if they know full and well what the are getting into. This will also protect you from being abused for your hours as a wedding photographer.


Make the pricing clear and concise in the contract. Any arguments about money can easily go out of control. This is something that you can effective control or keep under wraps if you discuss this in detail in the contract that you offer out to your clients. Discuss the overall cost of your services, the amount of the downpaymetn you require, and the terms of payment for the remaining amount.