The concept of the wedding photography blog has been around for the longest time running.

wedding photography tipsAs a matter of fact, when you are fairly new as a wedding photographer, this is something that you should be looking forward to and prioritizing above pretty much anything else at the end of the day. The blog is something that you should absolutely do. It’s not something that you can just opt out of, even if you are not the type who is particularly fond of writing when it all comes down to it.

The wedding photography blog is crucial to your success as a wedding photographer. If you don’t know how to start things off with your blog, a great way to get yourself acquainted with the basics is to check out how the more established wedding photographers out there are doing it. Take a look at sites such as so that you will at least have some kind of an idea about the basic elements that blogs usually go ahead with.

 Take note of the image layout

Take note of how does the layout of the images. It has to be engaging in such a way wherein you don’t end up boring people out and probably having them click off way before you even get to the very bottom of your blog. There are a few guiding principles when it comes to the layout of the images. The first is that you should take note of the fact that not all of the images require to be showcased in full size. Some images only deserve thumbnails given that they aren’t really showing anything major to begin with. The next thing to try to remember all of the time is that you need to make sure that you are extra picky with the kind of things that you check out and include in your blog. Try to veer away from photos that seem redundant or those that tend to look all the same. People won’t be too happy to look at five frames of the same scene in your wedding photography blog. It might come off looking a bit annoying and boring and you certainly don’t want any of that in an online publication that represents your brand and your kind of photography style.

Pay attention to your writing style.

If you aren’t someone who is particularly fond of writing, you always have the option to go ahead and outsource, there really is no shame in that. However, what you need to remind yourself of all of the time is that you should always keep an eye on the kind of content that you put up. It has to be high quality all of the time and it should state your opinions or your points of view about certain topics in wedding photography. Stay true to the kind of content that you would like to put up and people sill start to notice how informative and how useful your blog entries are to them and things will start off from there.