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Basic Blog Tips – www.e-motionimages.co.uk

The concept of the wedding photography blog has been around for the longest time running.

wedding photography tipsAs a matter of fact, when you are fairly new as a wedding photographer, this is something that you should be looking forward to and prioritizing above pretty much anything else at the end of the day. The blog is something that you should absolutely do. It’s not something that you can just opt out of, even if you are not the type who is particularly fond of writing when it all comes down to it.

The wedding photography blog is crucial to your success as a wedding photographer. If you don’t know how to start things off with your blog, a great way to get yourself acquainted with the basics is to check out how the more established wedding photographers out there are doing it. Take a look at sites such as www.e-motionimages.co.uk so that you will at least have some kind of an idea about the basic elements that blogs usually go ahead with.

 Take note of the image layout

Take note of how http://www.e-motionimages.co.uk/ does the layout of the images. It has to be engaging in such a way wherein you don’t end up boring people out and probably having them click off way before you even get to the very bottom of your blog. There are a few guiding principles when it comes to the layout of the images. The first is that you should take note of the fact that not all of the images require to be showcased in full size. Some images only deserve thumbnails given that they aren’t really showing anything major to begin with. The next thing to try to remember all of the time is that you need to make sure that you are extra picky with the kind of things that you check out and include in your blog. Try to veer away from photos that seem redundant or those that tend to look all the same. People won’t be too happy to look at five frames of the same scene in your wedding photography blog. It might come off looking a bit annoying and boring and you certainly don’t want any of that in an online publication that represents your brand and your kind of photography style.

Pay attention to your writing style.

If you aren’t someone who is particularly fond of writing, you always have the option to go ahead and outsource, there really is no shame in that. However, what you need to remind yourself of all of the time is that you should always keep an eye on the kind of content that you put up. It has to be high quality all of the time and it should state your opinions or your points of view about certain topics in wedding photography. Stay true to the kind of content that you would like to put up and people sill start to notice how informative and how useful your blog entries are to them and things will start off from there.

Why Wedding Photography Requires Patience and Time

The industry of wedding photography is not the friendliest out there for newbies.

wedding photography tipsThe moment that you decide to go ahead and go into the water, you better be ready to swim and swim hard at that because it’s a really tough crowd out there and there are so many other wedding photographers who have actually established themselves and have sort of become household names already in the industry. You need to be willing enough to face tough challenges ahead of time before you actually face them. This is something that will enable you to anticipate things better as you go along.

The truth of the matter is that starting out in wedding photography will be a tough feat to accomplish so unless this is something that you are quite passionate about, don’t invest in anything and don’t even waste your time trying to pursue this on a more professional plane. However, if you know deep down that this is a kind of vocation that has been calling out to you for the longest time running, then go ahead and fly with it, by all means.

Be willing enough to start from the bottom.

As much as you would like to enter the world of wedding photography with a bang, chances are, you won’t. You are going to have to start your way from the bottom and prove yourself as you go along and eventually work your way up the proverbial pyramid. That’s how things work out in the real world so hike up your pants and be ready to do some hard work and be ready to really bring your best foot forward every single time, even if it means just making coffee for the top wedding photographers at the moment as an intern.

Never compare yourself to others

It takes time before you will be able to master your wedding photography skills and before you will be worthy enough to consider yourself as an expert in what you do. If you don’t figure things out as much as you would like to in the beginning, that’s just normal. You don’t have to. Every wedding photographer has his own pace and has his own learning curves. Don’t go around comparing yourself to the rest of all of the other people out there because you will only end up bring frustrated.

Never compare your day 1 to someone else’s day 100 because it is never going to be the same. Be fair to yourself and don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t accomplish everything all in one go because no one has done that before. It is something that takes time and something that requires a lot of patience at the end of the day so for as long as you are doing something on a daily basis to help you bring your wedding photography game up top, then that should be good enough. No need to pressure yourself too much into doing things that go beyond that. All good things take time.

How Wedding Photographers Can Educate Their Followers

Start off with right content

wedding photography tipsWhat wedding photographers should be doing with their social media profiles is to continuously aim to educate their audiences. Although most people would think that there’s Google for that, or something that turns out to be equally generic, people still find it refreshing when they happen to stumble upon profiles or pages that are dedicated to a specific craft or industry, especially if it is an industry that they are particularly interested in or one that they would like to be a part of at some point or so.

If you are new to the industry and you would like to start working on your online presence as well, you should start off with all of the right content so that people will understand and appreciate the value of what they will be able to get when they follow you on social media. Nowadays, although this may turn out to sound kind of selfish, the truth of the matter is that people are always looking into what they will be able to get out of things when it all comes down to it. More than just the aspect of entertaining your audience or of selling anything to potential clients or to your other fellow wedding photographers, you should also aim to go ahead and educate them through the posts that you are sharing through your social media channels.

Share educational posts

You have to understand that as a wedding photographer who always works on being able to post up educational social media posts, the best advantage that you will be able to get out of this is that there will be considerably more follower engagement in your posts. When people are more engaged, you are more likely able to go ahead and reach out to them and as well as turn them into potential clients the moment that they express their intent on looking for wedding photographers that they might work with for the weddings that they are trying to set up or prepare. People are more likely to post questions or to put in comments when the post or the content is about something that they will be able to learn something from. Although it will take you a little bit more time to research your content in order to make it educationally worthwhile, it will still be worth your time because it will turn out to be quite valuable for the following that you are able to build up in your social media platforms.

Offer advice

There are so many different avenues that you can explore if you want to make your posts educational. You can offer out advice to the other wedding photographers in the industry. You can also establish yourself as a reliable resource when it comes to things related to wedding photography and dealing with wedding photographers. Another option that you can go ahead and check out is putting in posts that give out advices to brides or to women who are currently engaged. All of these are great directions to take your social media platforms to bring to.