documentary wedding photographerYou might know of the different wedding photography styles, or you might not. Even if you did, you might never have thought of how these different styles can affect your wedding pictures. Not in a bad way, but in “diverse good ways”.

If there is one thing that makes wedding photography so intriguing and exciting, it is because of the limitless approach to taking the same routine pictures. For instance, a picture of the bride and her father leading her to the altar, taken by a fine art wedding photographer will be quite different from the way a documentary wedding photographer will portray that same picture.

So, when choosing a professional wedding photographer, it is advised to know the style you are getting. Asking the photographer what style they prefer or use, as well as seeing pictures of wedding events he or she has covered in the past will give you a clear understanding of what he or she does.

Whichever way, documentary/photojournalistic/reportage wedding photography is one that particularly stands out. Pictures taken are not posed or rehearsed, and spontaneous too. The photographer takes pictures without restriction and makes sure he or she follows the events closely. The other fascinating thing about this form of wedding photography is that it is the best at telling the “truest” story of the event.

But you cannot choose an amateur documentary wedding photographer as it requires a bit of experience and “eyes”. So, before you choose such a wedding photographer, …

  • …Know What You Want

Making decisions is probably the most difficult thing many people will ever face – give them a task and clear-cut directions, and they will excel. It is usually difficult to know what we want as humans and with so many “varieties” out there, it does not get easier.

You should know what you want from your wedding photographer. you should also know what you want to see in your albums. Browse through websites, look at friend’s albums, do what you need to do to properly feed your decision-making, but make sure you know exactly what you want.

For instance, is a documentary wedding photographer, and one of the best in the field. If you choose her, then that is what you want, and that is what you are getting. If you want a reportage wedding shoot, then don’t choose a traditional wedding photographer for your wedding and vice versa.

  • …Watch Out for Communication and Personality

Business experts and moguls nowadays emphasize the role of communication in any business, transaction and even in everyday life. These days, effective communication is the soul of a good business deal.

The moment the photographer on your list does not listen or communicate well, cross him off. Communication isn’t by how fluent he is, but by how well you both understand each other.

“Communication works better by the client asking questions, and questions are better asked when you know what you want.”

Is he or she confident, humorous and relaxed? You won’t be there, but the wedding photographer you choose WILL be everywhere, interacting with your guests, family and relatives. It is important to see your documentary wedding photographer as one of your representatives, and you have to choose the best representative for the job.